Tree Huggers are a fun way to get a little more storage and organization at the camp site. It doesn't get much simpler that tying it off on the nearest tree. Merriam-Webster says a Tree Hugger is an "environmentalist". ... well if you like going outdoors and setting up camp in the trees, well I guess you're Tree Huggers kind of person.

This is the "TH" paper towel, spice rack, trash variant. Hang next to your camp cook station and you're open for business. The paper towel roll goes up inside so the forest winds don't unravel your paper towel all over the forest floor. After all, we are tree huggers and that would be littering. Speaking of littering, take one of those environmental disasters we call a grocery bag and hang it under the paper towel roll for a handy trash receptacle. Storage up top for spices, or whatever items you might need to cook the perfect forest meal.

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Tree Huggers Paper Towel, Spice Rack, Trash Station

  • Brand: Arizona Blue
  • Product Code: TreeHuggersSpice
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $34.28